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Information for non-APS organisations

Who can the Merit Protection Commissioner provide services to?

The Merit Protection Commissioner provides a broad range of services to many organisations.

Public Service Regulation 7.4(1)(b) gives the examples of providing services to:

  1. Commonwealth Authorities to which the Public Service Act 1999 does not apply
  2. State and Territory departments and authorities
  3. Local government bodies
  4. Private corporations and bodies.

What functions or services can the Merit Protection Commissioner provide?

The Office of the Merit Protection Commissioner provides a broad range of functions and services. A caveat is that they must relate to the employment of a 'person' or a 'body' (Public Service Regulation 7.4(2)).

These functions include:

  • reviewing, investigating or providing advice relating to employment of a person
  • providing services connected with selection committees for selecting or employing a person
  • providing other services that relate to the employment of a person.

Do I pay for these services?

The Merit Protection Commissioner has the discretion to charge a fee. If a fee is charged, it is usually on a cost-recovery basis (Regulation 7.4(3)).

Where can I get more information?

To find out more, contact the Business manager:

Tel: (02) 8239 5317


Further general information may be found under MPC resources.