Recruitment, including independent selection advisory committees (ISAC)

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Important steps in establishing an ISAC

How to ensure a successful ISAC?

A successful ISAC is based on partnering and preparation.

When does an ISAC work best?

ISACs are especially useful for small agencies and specialised roles with small pools of candidates or, large bulk rounds across multiple locations and skillsets.

I’d like an example of how an ISAC works

Example: an approach used in a bulk round selection exercise with an APS agency.

What outcomes can be expected from an ISAC?

Outcomes include high quality staff AND a cost-effective approach that supports the professionalism of the agency.

What about costs and the procurement process?

Costs are determined on a direct cost-recovered basis. No procurement arrangement is necessary to access these services.

Other questions and where can I get more information

What MUST an ISAC do?

An ISAC must follow the Merit Protection Commissioner's instructions.

I want more information on ISACs?

The Business manager is available to tailor an ISAC to your recruitment requirements. 

Tel: 02 8239 5317 


What is an ISAC and how do they work?

What is an ISAC?

An ISAC is an independent selection advisory committee, it is an alternative to traditional APS recruitment.

Why use an ISAC?

ISACs support business outcomes and good workplace relations.

What are the benefits to an applicant?

The applicant can be confident that merit has been impartially and appropriately applied.

Who are the ISAC members?

There a three members, two are approved by the Merit Protection Commissioner and one is nominated by the agency.

How is an ISAC independent?

Members receive special training and sign declarations of impartiality.

What does an ISAC do?

An ISAC establishes and conducts an impartial assessment of the relative skills and abilities of all candidates.

Are outcomes binding on an agency?

The recommendations of an ISAC are not binding on the agency.