Information for former public servants

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I want more information on reviews in general

General information on reviews is available under MPC resources.

Information on reviews of agency Code of Conduct decisions is available.

Information on reviews of final entitlements is available.

Information on fee-for-service Code of Conduct inquiries is also available.

How does the Merit Protection Commissioner assist former employees?

Former APS and Parliamentary Service employees have rights of review for:

  1. a decision that they have breached the Code of Conduct after their public service employment ceased (Division 7.3, Public Service Regulations; Section 48A, Parliamentary Service Act 1999).
  2. the final entitlements paid (Division 7.3, Public Service Regulations; Division 3, clause 115, Parliamentary Service Determination).

An APS or Parliamentary Service agency can investigate whether or not a former employee has breached the Code of Conduct after they have left the service.

Agencies can ask the Merit Protection Commissioner to inquire into and determine if there has been a breach.

This is undertaken as a fee-for-service Code of Conduct inquiry.