What must an agency do in a review process?

The review of actions scheme is a statutory process.

There are 8 main things that an agency must do:

Agency review

  1. undertake reviews of eligible applications, and
  2. provide information on privacy, and
  3. record evidence relied upon, and
  4. advise applicants of outcomes and right of review to the Merit Protection Commissioner.

Assisting the Merit Protection Commissioner with reviews

  1. make available evidence relied upon in agency reviews, and
  2. meet timeframes for providing information, and
  3. consider confidentiality, and
  4. advise applicant of outcome of Merit Protection Commissioner review.

Consistent with the Australian Government Digital Transition Policy, all APS agencies are invited to electronically lodge review of action paperwork by email to review@apsc.gov.au To assist with this process we have developed business rules for electronic lodgement of applications for review of action by the Merit Protection Commissioner and checklists (also available on the Resources page).