Steps 1 and 4 how must agencies undertake reviews and advising of review rights?

If an employee legitimately applies for review, and the action is reviewable, an agency head must review the action and make decisions.

There are few constraints on how agencies conduct reviews (Regulation 5.27).

If the review is about disputed facts, usually an inquiry to establish facts is required.

A review may involve:

  • listening to and considering an employee's concerns
  • assessing available documents and relevant argument.

Formal reviews are only one option for an agency to resolve employment related issues.

Information on other options is available.

The agency head must tell the employee in writing of (Regulation 5.27(5)):

  • any decision made on the review application
  • the reasons for the decision
  • any action to be taken as a result of the review
  • the right to apply for secondary review to the Merit Protection Commissioner.