Step 6 what timeframes must agencies meet?

Agencies must provide information to the Merit Protection Commissioner in the required timeframes. 

These timeframes are different for primary and secondary types of reviews.


Timetables to provide information...Comment

Primary review

The applicant has applied directly to the Merit Protection Commissioner for a review of:

No specific timeframe.

General policy (Regulation 5.1(3)): 'Employee's concerns are intended to be dealt with quickly, impartially and fairly.'

Merit Protection Commissioner considers 14 days is a reasonable period for forwarding all relevant papers.

Secondary review

The applicant is dissatisfied with the review undertaken by the agency. They have applied to the Merit Protection Commissioner for a review of the agency decision.

The agency must refer the application to the Merit Protection Commissioner and provide all information relevant to the primary review.

Promotion review

This must happen within 14 days, although the agency can apply for an extension.

The review team contacts the agency and asks for selection documentation to be provided within 14 days. Regulation 5.17 requires the agency to provide the information in the time specified.