What is my role as a committee member?

As a promotion review committee (PRC) or independent selection advisory committee (ISAC) member you are performing a statutory function on behalf of the Merit Protection Commissioner.

Your primary role is assessing the relative merit of the parties.

In an ISAC this is the selection process, and in a PRC, this is the review process.

Relative merit means comparing the work-related qualities of applicants and making an assessment of who is the most suitable to successfully perform the duties of the job.

ISACs assess the relative merits of all the applicants (the parties) for the role(s).

PRCs assess which party is most suitable to be promoted to a particular position. The parties to a PRC are the:

  • review applicants and
  • person(s) who have been nominally promoted.

Members must comply with Instructions issued by the Merit Protection Commissioner. ISAC and PRC instructions are available. There is also an ISAC Guide.