Tell me more about the register?

The promotion review committee (PRC) and/or independent selection advisory committee (ISAC) register allows the Merit Protection Commissioner to have a pool of experienced people available. The actual composition of any committee depends on the:

  • nature of the jobs that have attracted review applications or are to be filled
  • timing of the promotion review or selection process—the committees are demand driven
  • availability of members.

A pool of trained and experienced people from a variety of backgrounds and agencies ensures quality, professional outcomes.

APS employees included on the register should have the support of their line manager to perform this role.

If nominated to serve on a committee, the employee must be made available. This is subject to the operational efficiency of their agency.

The Merit Protection Commissioner must be satisfied that the employee nominated has the skills and personal qualities necessary to undertake their role independently and impartially (Regulations 4.3 and 5.11).