Participating on independent selection advisory and promotion review committees

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Members and potential members of an independent selection advisory committee (ISAC) or promotion review committee (PRC)

Why be a member of an ISAC or a PRC?

Committee members actively contribute to the future leadership cadre of the APS. You receive training and experience in merit-based decision-making and administrative review.

What is my role as a committee member?

Your primary role is to assess the relative merit of the parties.

How does procedural fairness apply in these assessments?

Procedural fairness in ISACs and PRCs is ensured by training as committee members and providing applicants an opportunity to comment.

How are impartiality and conflicts of interest managed?

All members must sign declarations of impartiality and non-disclosure for each exercise.

What makes a good committee member, and how to apply?

The Merit Protection Commissioner is looking for current APS employees with an interest and commitment to professional and ethical employment decision making. Committee application forms are available.

Tell me more about the register?

The register is a pool of experienced people with diverse functional expertise who are available to participate on committees.

Are there other things I should know about being on a committee?

Committee work is demand driven and there is no guarantee of being asked to participate.

I want more information

More information about ISACs and PRCs is available.