Notifying promotions and managing any promotion reviews (information for agency recruitment staff)

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Notifying promotions and managing any promotion reviews

How do I notify a promotion?

This information is for recruitment staff in agencies.

There are 5 main steps to notify a promotion and manage any promotion reviews. These are:

  • Step 1: publish the promotion in the Public Service Gazette
  • Step 2: check for promotion review applications
  • Step 3: provide the Review Team with contact details for the parties to the promotion review documents for the promotion review committee and identify the agency nominee
  • Step 4: inform parties to the promotion review of the outcome(s)
  • Step 5: implement the decision.

Step 1 how is a promotion published in the Public Service Gazette?

HR practitioners can lodge promotion notifications in the Public Service Gazette which is included on APSJobs. To obtain user access contact

General information on publishing notices in the gazette is available.

Step 2 how do I check if there are promotion review applications?

You can check the Notification of promotion review applications webpage. It is updated every Friday by 2:00pm (AEST).

We telephone recruitment areas to confirm the receipt of applications and seek a recruitment contact person's details for the review.

If no valid applications are received within 14 days of the notice in the Public Service Gazette, the promotion is confirmed.

Until that date, the promotion is nominal. See 'what happens if I don't apply for review within the timeframe'.

Step 3 what documentation is required?

We request the following information from agency recruitment areas:

  • confirmation that the review applicant applied for the promotion – that is, it is a valid application
  • contact details for all the parties to the promotion review
  • the name and contact details for the agency nominee to sit on the promotion review commmittee
  • information from the recruitment file to assist the promotion review committee in its decision-making.

The parties to promotion reviews are:

  • review applicants seeking review of promotees
  • promotees who are seeking review of other promotees in case their promotion is overturned.

Note: The Review Team has prepared a checklist to assist in identifying what information is required.

Step 3 what information should an agency provide to review applicants

It is no longer a requirement for agencies to provide parties to a review with access to the selection documents for the original promotion decision; previously this included information on other parties to the review.

Agency employees may provide feedback on a party's individual performance if requested and in accordance with your agency's policies regarding feedback to job applicants.

Step 3 who can represent the agency on promotion review committees?

The nominee is usually a manager from the business area with the vacancy who has not been involved in the selection exercise.

Information on roles and responsibilities of promotion review committee members is available.

Step 4 what does the agency nominee do?

The agency nominee is a full member of the committee. Information on committee member roles is available here.

On the day the promotion review committee decides the outcome, the agency nominee usually advises the parties to the review and the agency's recruitment area of the decision.

The Office of the Merit Protection Commissioner confirms the decision in writing.

Note: the committee is not required to prepare a report or give reasons for their decisions to promote particular candidates.

Step 5 implement the decision

The agency advises the parties of the promotion review committee's decision.

The agency nominee provides the committee's feedback verbally to individuals, if requested.


  • Agencies must implement the decisions of promotion review committees.
  • Promotion decisions made by the committee take effect four weeks after the agency is notified of the decision or another date as agreed between the relevant agency heads and the person promoted (Public Service Commissioner's Directions 2013, clause 2.31).

Step 5 what happens if the promotion(s) is overturned?

If a promotion is overturned, the new promotion must be published in the Public Service Gazette AND the cancellation of the original promotion must also be published (

The notification in the Gazette should include the advice that the decision was made by a promotion review committee.

Finally, how can agencies help minimise delays in finalising a recruitment process?

Promotion reviews operate most efficiently and effectively if agencies:

  • keep clear and accessible records of who applied for which job and provide information promptly to the Office of the Merit Protection Commissioner.
  • publish promotions arising from a recruitment exercise in a single edition of the Public Service Gazette.

There can be substantial delays in finalising the promotion review process when promotions are not notified in a single Gazette. 
This is because multiple review applications can be made over successive gazettes.

An checklist for for the agency is available.