Notifying promotions and managing any promotion reviews (information for agency recruitment staff)

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Notifying promotions and managing any promotion reviews

How do I notify a promotion?

There are 5 main steps...

Step 2 how do I check if there are promotion review applications?

Information on how to check and notify promotion reviews is available.

Step 3 what documentation is required?

Information on the parties to a review held on the recruitment file.

Step 3 what information should an agency provide to review applicants

Agency employees may provide feedback on a party's individual performance if requested and it is in accordance with your agency's policies regarding feedback to job applicants.

Step 3 who can represent the agency on promotion review committees?

The agency representative is usually a manager from the business area with the vacancy.

Step 4 what does the agency nominee do?

The agency nominee is a full member of the committee.

Step 5 implement the decision

The agency advises parties of the decision(s) and must implement them.

Step 5 what happens if the promotion(s) is overturned?

If the promotion is overturned, the decision must be published in the Gazette.

Finally, how can agencies help minimise delays in finalising a recruitment process?

Agencies can minimise delays by keeping clear records and publishing promotions in one Gazette.