Step 4A what evidence do I gather?

Evidence is used to establish the facts

Employment situations where the facts may be in dispute include:

Facts in disputes Potential sources of evidence
Rating an employee's performance
  • work level standards
  • performance agreements
  • records of discussions
  • examples of work.
Behaviour during a specific incident
  • witness statements
  • counselling records
  • notes in a diary.
Record of attendance to justify an attendance management plan
  • flex sheets
  • attendance records
  • leave applications
  • physical access data or swipe-card records.

Evidence must be relevant and logically support the reviewer's conclusions about the facts.

Where evidence is disputed such as in a harassment case, the complainant does not have to 'prove their case'. 

However, employees making accusations have a responsibility to provide some supporting evidence.

Evidence requirements differ with each case and may be subject to agency policies.

For example, some agency policies don't allow physical access data being used for non-security purposes.