Step 1 how do I identify the important issues?

Identifying important issues requires:

  • understanding the basis of the employee's complaint
  • identifying the relevant policies, instructions and guidelines.

This can be challenging!

Sometimes a review applicant has a long list of complaints over an extended period. In this situation, it is helpful to focus on:

  • the more serious and recent complaints
  • complaints that are representative of the substance of the review applicants concerns.

You do not have to review everything the review applicant has complained about.

Note: It can be helpful to have an early discussion with the review applicant to explain what will be investigated and why. It is also important to check that you accurately understand the applicant's concerns.

For example: An employee applies with a bullying and harassment complaint. They list a large number of incidents and make general allegations not linked to specific incidents. The reviewer discusses this with the applicant and identifies some key incidents that are characteristic of the employee's concerns. The reviewer gathers evidence on these incidents.