Conducting a review investigation

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Information on how to conduct a review investigation

What is the purpose of a review investigation?

What is the purpose of a review investigation?

What are the important steps in conducting a review investigation?

There are 6 steps important steps, some of these have several parts.

Step 1 how do I identify the important issues?

Identifying important issues requires understanding the basis of the employee's complaint and identifying the relevant policies, instructions and guidelines.

Step 2 should I prepare a review plan?

A review plan helps with more complex reviews, including indicative timeframes and commitments to keep the parties informed.

Step 3 what is important when gathering evidence?

It is important to identify what facts need to be established to make a decision and, the evidence needed to establish the facts. Consider how evidence is recorded, what information is shared, is a support person required and, privacy and confidentiality issues.

Step 4A what evidence do I gather?

You need to gather evidence relevant to establish the facts, this differs for each case. Evidence must be relevant and logically support the reviewer's conclusions about the facts.

Step 4B how do I assess evidence?

When assessing evidence, apply logic, common-sense and experience. Consider evidence reliability, expert opinion, and evenly balanced or conflicting evidence.

Step 5A what else do I need to consider?

In making a decision you consider the required standard of proof and the lawfulness or discretionary nature of the decision or action. This is in addition to being procedurally fair.

Step 5B what to consider when making the decision and reaching the right outcome?

You can consider more than whether the original decision was procedurally fair or consistent with agency policies. You can consider whether another decision would have been better in the employee's case or whether the original decision was fair and reasonable.

Step 6A how do I record the decision?

The review report usually includes a written record of the decision, the reasons for the decision and any resulting action. The applicant must be informed in writing of the right to apply for secondary review to the Merit Protection Commissioner.

Step 6B what does an ideal review report contain?

An ideal review report will differ for each case. A well-argued and logical report assists applicants understand the matter was seriously considered and, the agency to improve its employment decision making.