Agency head or secretary involvement

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Information for reviews involving an agency head or secretary

Who is eligible to apply for reviews involving an agency head or secretary?

All current non-SES employees of the Australian Public Service (APS) are eligible to apply.

Employees of the Parliamentary Service have a similar review scheme.

Please note: Information on the handling of personal information by the Office of the Merit Protection Commissioner is provided in the MPC privacy policy.

What will the Merit Protection Commissioner consider before accepting a direct application for review of a general employment matter?

Most general employment matters are first reviewed by your agency.

You can apply directly to the Merit Protection Commissioner for review of an employment matter if:

  • an agency head or secretary has personally been involved in decision-making affecting you
  • the matter is so serious or sensitive that it is not appropriate for the agency to do a review
  • you claim that the relevant action or decision is victimisation or harassment because you have previously applied for review.

If accepted, this is called a Merit Protection Commissioner primary review of a general employment matter.

If you believe your matter meets one of the above criteria, you should contact the Review Team for advice before you make an application directly to the Merit Protection Commissioner.

Are there timeframes?

You have 60 days to lodge an application with the Merit Protection Commissioner (Regulation 5.23).

This is from the date of the decision or action you want reviewed.

I want more information on this type of review?

An information sheet on making a primary review application to the Merit Protection Commissioner for a non-Code of Conduct matter is available.

All types of application forms for reviews by the Merit Protection Commissioner are available at the Applications page.

You can find de-identified case summaries on a range of employment matters at the Case summaries page.

Detailed information on reviews is available at the reviews of Other employment matters page.

General information on reviews is available at the MPC resources page.