Am I eligible to apply for a protective review?

You can apply for a protective review if:

  • you were promoted to an APS 1–6 level (or equivalent classifications) job
  • more than one person is being promoted in relation to the same job vacancy in the same location(s) you applied for
  • the promotion does not result from an independent selection advisory committee's recommendation
  • the promotion does not result from a promotion review committee decision
  • you are concerned that another applicant may apply for review of your promotion.

A protective review is really no more than an application for review lodged by a successful applicant against other people promoted out of the same selection exercise. If you make a protective review but no review application is received from an unsuccessful applicant the review will lapse automatically. Your promotion then proceeds.

Note: the only ground for review is 'merit' so you need to be able to demonstrate you have strong claims to the promotion.