Notified promotion reviews

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Information about promotion reviews

Are there timeframes?

Usually you have 14 days from the date notified in the Gazette to apply to the Merit Protection Commissioner.

What is a promotion?

A promotion is the ongoing movement of an APS employee to a job at a higher classification level.

Who can apply for promotion review? What types of review are there?

Only current APS 1–5 employees can apply for promotion review. Parliamentary Service employees can apply for review of APS promotion in some situations.

Am I eligible to apply for an active review?

Check the criteria to see if you are eligible for this type of review.

Am I eligible to apply for a protective review?

Check the criteria to see if you are eligible for this type of review.

I’m still unsure if I am eligible.

If you are still unsure about your eligibility, complete the checklist.

Applying for review of a promotion decision

I meet the eligibility requirements, how do I apply?

A form is available from the Applications page.

What do I need to demonstrate to be successful in a promotion review?

Demonstrate stronger skills and other work-related qualities to do the job.

What are the grounds for review?

The only ground for promotion review is merit.

What are the main steps in the review?

There are four main steps in this review. The Committee will consider all the relevant information and may decide 'on the papers' and NOT proceed to interview.

Is my statement important?

Yes, the statement is an important opportunity to demonstrate your merit based claims to the job.

Who conducts the review?

The Merit Protection Commissioner establishes an independent three person Committee to conduct the review.

What happens after the promotion review committee decides about the promotion?

Usually the agency nominee advises everyone involved of the outcome.

What types of outcomes are available?

There are two outcomes available – the promotion is confirmed or, it is overturned and a new decision made.

Other things I may need to know

What happens if I don’t apply for review within the timeframe?

NO LATE APPLICATIONS ARE ACCEPTED for this type of review. There are NO exceptions.

What if I am not satisfied with the outcome from the promotion review?

There is no further right of review under the Public Service Act or the Regulations.

Where can I get more information on promotion reviews?

Further information on promotion reviews is available.