Are there timeframes?

Yes, there are important timeframes.

You have 120 days to apply for a review with your agency.

'When' 120 days starts depends on what you want reviewed. The 120 days is calculated from the date of the:

  • action - such as the date you were given performance feedback, or
  • decision - such as the date you were notified of a reduction in classification.

Your agency's review of these matters is called an agency primary review.
If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of this primary review, you may apply to the Merit Protection Commissioner for review. 

When we review a decision already reviewed by an agency, it is called a Merit Protection Commissioner secondary review.

You have 60 days to lodge the secondary review.

The 60 days starts from the date your agency advised you of the outcome of the primary review.

It is important to submit your application for review within the time limits (Regulation 5.23).

Primary review – General employment decision - 120 days - Submitted to your agency Secondary review – General employment decisions - 60 days from the agency's primary review decision - Submitted to your agency BUT addressed to the Merit Protection Commissioner