Performance management

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Information for performance management reviews

Who is eligible to apply for a review of the management of their performance?

All current non-SES employees in both the Australian Public Service and the Parliamentary Service are eligible to apply.

What sort of performance concerns can be reviewed?

A wide range of issues through the performance management lifecycle can be reviewed. This is from the development of the agreement through to a decision on rating.

Are there timeframes?

Yes, there are important timeframes. You have 120 days to apply for review with your agency. If dissatisfied with the agency outcome, you have 60 days to apply to the Merit Protection Commissioner.

What sorts of things may the Merit Protection Commissioner consider?

The Merit Protection Commissioner may consider a range of issues including the details of the policy, how it was applied in your case and the evidence available.

What types of recommendations are made?

The Merit Protection Commissioner makes recommendations about how fair, reasonable and appropriate the process and assessment was.