Are there timeframes for applying for different types of review?

Yes there are important timeframes. They are different for different types of review.

It is important to apply for review within the time limits (Regulation 5.23).

How we calculate the number of days depends on what you want reviewed. The days may be calculated from the date of:

  • 'the action' about which you are concerned, or
  • decision that affects you.

The number of days depends on the type of review you are seeking.

There are four main types of review for current APS employees:

  1. Code of Conduct matters
  2. Other general employment matters
  3. Matters involving an agency head and/or are serious and sensitive
  4. Promotion decisions.

Former APS employees can only apply for review of:

  1. A decision by the agency head after they ceased APS employment that they breached the Code of Conduct during their APS employment.
  2. The final entitlements paid on leaving the APS.