Eligibility and what can and can’t be reviewed

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What can and can’t be reviewed?

What general employment matters are reviewable?

A wide range of decisions or actions are reviewable. Common areas for complaint include leave, training, allowances, performance management, absence and bullying and harassment. Other specific reviews include decisions on promotions, and Code of Conduct breaches and sanction.

Are all decisions and actions reviewable?

No, not all decisions and actions are reviewable. You can view the list of exclusions in Schedule 1 of the Public Service Regulations.

Can some employment actions cease to be reviewable?

Yes some actions cease to be reviewable and some decisions are discretionary. There is a policy on how this discretion is exercised.

Information on eligibility

Are there different eligibility requirements for different types of reviews?

There are different eligibility requirements. All current non-SES employees of the Australian Public Service (APS) are eligible to apply for most types of review. Only current APS 1–5 level employees can apply for some promotion review. Former employees can apply for limited reviews.

Who is an ‘APS employee’?

An 'APS employee' is usually a current, not a former, employee of the APS (there are two exceptions for former employees). It includes non-SES ongoing and non-ongoing employees.

What is an ‘APS action’?

An APS action includes both things done or said, and the refusal or failure to do something. Actions of Statutory Office Holders, contractors and consultants are included in some situations.

What does ‘an action relating to employment’ mean?

An action relating to employment means it must be about the person as an employee and not as a client of an APS agency.