Final entitlements on leaving the APS

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Information before I notify a complaint about my final entitlements

Who is eligible to notify a complaint about their final entitlements?

If you are a former employee, your final entitlement paid on separation from the APS, may be investigated as a complaint (Regulation 7.2).

Employees of the Parliamentary Service have a similar complaints scheme.

How do I notify a complaint about my final entitlements paid on separation?

To notify a complaint about your final entitlements, you may make a request in writing direct to the Merit Protection Commissioner. 

There is no application form for notifying a final entitlements complaint. Send an email or write to the Merit Protection Commissioner via the Review contacts page.

I want more information on reviews in general?

You can find de-identified case summaries on a range of employment matters at the Case summaries page.

Detailed information on reviews is available at the reviews of Other employment matters page.

General information on reviews is available at the Resources page.