Are there timeframes for reviews of a breach of the Code of Conduct and/or sanction decisions?

Yes, there are important timeframes.

An application 

for review of a... must be made within...

breach decision

60 days of the decision

Do not wait to receive a sanction decision before applying for review of the breach decision.

If there is a delay in the sanction decision, you could be too late to seek review of the breach decision.

sanction decision

60 days of the decision 60 days is calculated from the date the sanction was decided, not the date the sanction took effect.

It is important to apply for review within the time limits (Regulation 5.23)

Applications received outside the 60 days will only be reviewed if the decision maker considers there are exceptional circumstances to explain the delay in applying for review. 

More information on exceptional circumstances is available.

The application for review is submitted direct to the Merit Protection Commissioner.