What happens next?

  1. We acknowledge receipt of your application; if it isn't accepted we advise you of the reasons.
  2. Your agency is informed and asked for information from their Code of Conduct investigation file.
  3. Your case is assigned to a review adviser.
  4. The review adviser contacts you and advises whether you need to provide more information. You may be asked to participate in a telephone interview with the review adviser.
  5. After the review adviser has considered all the information, your case is forwarded to the Merit Protection Commissioner's delegate.
  6. The delegate will make a recommendation and provide a report of their findings to you and to your agency.

What next diagram 

You will be provided with a copy of the information provided to this office.

More information on recommendations from reviews is available.

More information on what to expect in reviews is available.

More information on reviews in general is available.