Code of Conduct

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Information for Code of Conduct reviews

Who is eligible to apply for a review of a breach of the Code of Conduct and/or sanction decision?

All current and some former non-SES employees of the Australian Public Service and the Parliamentary Service are eligible to apply.

Are there timeframes?

You have 60 days to apply for review to the Merit Protection Commissioner. Do not wait to receive a sanction decision before applying for review of the breach decision – they are separate decisions.

I have been suspended from my employment, is this reviewable?

Yes, decisions to suspend you from your employment are reviewable. This type of review has different timeframes and requirements. More information is available.

How reviews are conducted

What happens next?

For review of a Code of Conduct matter, we undertake a 6 step process. These steps start with an acknowledgment and advice on if your application has been accepted.

What do we consider?

The delegate considers the evidence gathered and your explanation for what happened and concerns about the agency's decision(s).