What behaviour is bullying and harassment?

Examples of workplace harassment or bullying include:

  • threatening physical behaviour — such as assault, intimidating or aggressive body language and gestures
  • verbal abuse — offensive language or derogatory remarks about lifestyle choices, physical or mental abilities, or racial or ethnic background
  • unwelcome sexual advances or requests for sexual favours—in person, by email or online, by phone, or by text message
  • behaviour or language that threatens, frightens, humiliates or degrades — such as shouting and screaming, using sarcasm and insults, whether face-to-face, in emails, or online
  • 'initiations' and practical jokes
  • interfering with a person's personal property or work equipment
  • inappropriate or unfair application of work policies and rules — involving, for example, performance management or access to leave.

You can find more information at section 3 of the APS Values and Code of Conduct in Practice, published by the APSC.